A description of business
The study, the development, the production and the sale by which cosmetics using the nature of the natural material is supplements and unregulated drugs, etc. (wholesale) are being done by a youmei laboratory.

Original product development is being advised.

A youmei laboratory "is particular about a natural product", it has started as the mission of the enterprise.

A staff is the expert who has grown specialized knowledge and experience in each field.   I'm aiming at the product making from which a favor of the natural material is introduced to people of all over the world.

I do the product development which has a dream with you.

    1. Cosmetics

 I'm particular about each ingredient and have developed it.

 An additive has not been added at all.

 Perfection develops additive-free skin lotion 「Sky lotion」

 Production is being sold.

 Bus essence is developed from a low and striped bamboo leaf extract.






     2. Supplements

 The goods done based on basic research technique are proposed. 



Study results < development of skin detergent for dogs>

The itch to the MARASECHIA dermatitis of a dog (dermatitis by true fungus) is suppressed.    Development of shampoo

    3. Advice business of the original product development

 A large number of goods are sold by cosmetics and a supplement like every year from various companies.

But how long would there be a hot seller soon?

To develop the goods with the high quality with which a customer can be satisfied sincerely.  A study staff with high skill and passion needs.

youmei laboratory will help you with highly functional original creating of goods.

Please inquire any time.  In Japanese.